Mobile with FMC

EziMobile's 4G MVNO network is running on the country's fastest network which is T-Mobile, and will revolutionize the way your business stays connected while on-the-go.
Mobile Plans
All You Can Subscriptions with EU roaming included for businesses to keep their cost low.
Fixed Mobile Integration
With this service the fixed and mobile services are integrated so that the business can decide on how to answer their calls and remain connected even on the go.
Mobile Broadband
With EziMobile’s 4G mobile broadband you can access the web as you would at your office while you are on the go! Connect your laptop or tablet to our 4G network through a 4G Dongle and get high speed wireless internet access anywhere. EziMobile 4G can also facilitate laptop backups and redundant connections.

With Sona Business you can get a mobile subscription with the possibility of integration with fixed mobile convergence. What this means is that your mobile telephone becomes part of your telephone exchange (PBX). Everything that you can do on a fixed line, you can now do it from your mobile phone.

  • PBX Mobility
  • Single Number
  • Unified Voicemail
  • Roam like home in Europe


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