Partner Services

Partner Services

In today’s fast changing and technology advanced landscape, communication is very important for everybody. Everybody should have the possibility to be connected and reachable. Sona Business offers modern cloud based communication services for all types of business needs. Reach out to us to evaluate on how can we help your business. Contact us to evaluate on how can we help your business.
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  • Fixed Voice

    We can provide telephone services over fixed broadband. This can be connected onto any SIP devices.
  • SIP Trunking

    EziTalk Integrated Office service provides a new way of connecting incoming and outgoing calls over an IP-based data link such as IP-VPN or Internet.
  • Cloud Call Center

    Traditional PBX Systems with call center functionality have proven to be either too expensive or difficult to set up. Our hosted call center changes this.
  • Cloud PBX

    Offer your customers a simpel first class phone system without any physical PBX hardware.
  • Mobile with FMC

    EziMobile's 4G MVNO network is running on the country's fastest network which is T-Mobile, and will revolutionize the way your business stays connected while on-the-go.
  • Broadband

    Business today demands fast and reliable bandwidth. They can get a fully dedicated connection, over an unshared and uncontended line, directly into the EziData network.
  • Private Cloud

    Sona Business has always been forward thinking in seeking new business opportunities in the region with new impetus on Data Protection, ICT Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.
  • Virtual Numbers

    Sona Business Services provides geographical and toll-free telephone numbers that enable voice communications providers and businesses to expand their services internationally in more than 70 countries.